Daily Direction

a morning meditation

A personalized daily meditation

Take a moment each morning to consciously set your direction for the day. Doing this helps keep you out of reactive mode and starts your day off with intention and purpose. It's quick and very powerful when used on a daily basis.

  • Grounds you in the present moment. The focus is TODAY.
  • Connects you to your emotions. "What do I want to experience today?", rather than "What do I need to do / accomplish / achieve?"
  • Reinforces the Mortality Mindset and encourages the practice of gratitude.

What you'll get

  • An audio download (mp3) of the guided meditation.
  • A PDF with instructions on how to use the guided meditation each day and how to personalize it.
  • An audio download (mp3) of a sample guided meditation to explain the process.
  • A PDF of the meditation text along with instructions on how to customize it and re-record it yourself, if you choose.  

Listen to a sample meditation

This isn't the actual meditation, just a example. When you sign up for the meditation, you'll receive instructions on how to personalize it and refine it each and every day.

Your Instructor

I'm Patrick Mathieu, creator of the Daily Direction meditation. I've been working in the field of personal development since 2003.  I'm a speaker, author and Certified Life Coach and have been featured on Oprah & Friends.

Join me for this meditation!