How To Be A Better Person by Patrick Mathieu

How To Be A Better Person

Becoming the person you want to be
Are there changes you want to make in your life, but you're not sure how to get started?
Or perhaps you've been told that you need to be a better person?

This course is designed to give you a solid foundation for making lasting changes. Through a series of exercises and reflections:
  • you will be able to precisely define the changes / improvements you want to make in your life.
  • you will learn how to let go of any old, judgemental voices from the past which may be holding you back. 
  • you will understand the importance of clarifying the difference between behaviours and character. (What you DO -vs- who you ARE)

The How to Be A Better Person course also includes a discussion around guilt and toxic shame and how to cleanly deal with them without simply suppressing them or letting them run the show from behind the scenes.

The course also includes a challenge you can do TOMORROW to kickstart you on the path to the new-and-improved YOU!
Who this course is for:
  • Anyone who wants to make changes in their life, but aren't sure how to get started.
  • Anyone who's been told that they need to be a better person.


Amazing course! I enjoyed the exercises and challenging thoughts that came along from the process. You have an exceptional message to share and I can't get enough. Keep the courses coming!
This was exactly what I needed to clear the clutter from my mind and work out what is most important. I felt warmly held yet firmly guided. Loved the deep calm voice of the instructor - very reassuring. Most effective exercises I have ever done!
I really enjoyed taking this course and found a lot of value in it. I love how such a seemingly complex topic is broken down into manageable steps. I really felt taken care of every step of the course and guided until the end.

Course Outline

Lecture 1 - Introduction and background
4 mins
Lecture 2 - Disclaimer
1 min
Who are you today?
Lecture 3 - Exercise 1: Describe yourself
3 mins
Lecture 4 - Spot check
3 mins
Better according to whom?
Lecture 5 - Exercise 2: The List
4 mins
Lecture 6 - Filtering your list
2 mins
Lecture 7 - Ranking your list
5 mins
Better how?
Lecture 8 - Exercise 3: "Suggestions"
3 mins
Lecture 9 - Dealing with the opinions of others
5 mins
Lecture 10 - Review
2 mins
What you do -VS- who you are
Lecture 11 - Doing vs Being
9 mins
The new you
Lecture 12 - Exercise 4: The future you
1 min
What if you're stuck?
Lecture 13 - What if you're stuck?
2 mins
Lecture 14 - The challenge
4 mins
Lecture 15 - Own your life and live like it matters
4 mins
It's all about action!
Lecture 16 - Focus on your actions
3 mins
Lecture 17 - A recap of what we've covered
3 mins

Meet Your Instructor

Patrick Mathieu

My mission in life is to help people to own their lives and live like they matter by sharing the Mortality Mindset and teaching the principles of Radical Resilience.
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