Radical Resilience - special COVID-19 edition by Patrick Mathieu

Radical Resilience - special COVID-19 edition

"valuable and eye opening"

This course has been incredibly valuable and the tools are eye opening. I'm implementing them into my life and it's wonderfully worthwhile. 
Thank you so much and I look forward to your future courses.
Kayla W.

We all need more resilience

The COVID-19 pandemic has completely upended our lives and our world.  Uncertainty is everywhere and fear and misinformation are only making things more challenging.

This special edition of the Radical Resilience course is designed to help you reclaim a sense of control and purpose in your life. 
Such a great course so much wisdom . Thanks Patrick!
Scott M.

What's covered?

  • Module 1 - an overview of Radical Resilience. 
  • Module 2 - the seven tools of resilience
  • Module 3 - fear and the power of reframing
  • Module 4 - locking in on What Matters Most

"the timing is PERFECT"

Thank you for putting this together and putting it out now - the timing is PERFECT in soooo many levels with all that is going on around us!
Sue L.

Your instructor

I'm Patrick Mathieu and I've been working in the personal development since 2003.  I'm a speaker, author and Certified Life Coach and have been featured on Oprah & Friends.

Join me for this course!